About us

About us

Founded by Duane Hepditch and Mark Edmondson in 2007 in Whistler, British Columbia, our company was created and driven by people who live and breathe travel, experience and adventure. Being based in a world-renowned ski resort we interact with guests throughout their guest journey; whether we’re getting a cup of coffee, riding our bikes or sharing a ski lift – we’re immersed in the travel experience. This foundation to the spirit at Guestfolio led to the creation of a team of hospitality marketing experts who strive to make guests the focus of the hotelier.
As part of the Cendyn Hospitality Cloud, Guestfolio offers an unprecedented ability for hoteliers to tailor their guest experience and digital marketing solutions to meet competitive marketplace demands and drive profitable revenue growth. Our focus on guest engagement and marketing automation for independent boutique hotels combined with Cendyn’s data-driven enterprise hotel CRM solution makes us part of the most comprehensive and scalable CRM product suite in the industry.

Our Mission

Our goal is to personalize the travel experience for guests and provide insights and tools that build lasting brand loyalty for our customers.
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Agile teams drawing expertise across the organization

Engagement Team

The engagement team helps us connect and communicate with our community and stakeholders. Our Engagement team is comprised of our sales, marketing, customer on-boarding and support staff. Collectively this team drives engagement of our staff, customers and hotel guests.


The Engineering team helps us develop and implement systems and software that helps our stakeholders achieve their goals. The Engineering team is comprised of our software developers, data integrations and Product management staff.

Business Intelligence

The B.I. team helps us analyze the effectiveness of our stakeholders. They provide the research and reporting that help stakeholders achieve their goals. The B.I. team are comprised of our data analysts, data integrations and financial accounting staff.