Learn from your guests

Engage with your guests before and after their stay using surveys and see the benefits

TripAdvisor built into the core

As a TripAdvisor Review Collection Partner, we’ve built the review process into the core of our survey application. Guestfolio allows your guests to feedback directly to you, through your survey, but also immediately to TripAdvisor. Using a seamless integration with TripAdvisor, your guest has the ability to post their review in seconds, pushing the review both to TripAdvisor and Guestfolio. This data collected is added to the guest profile as well as monitored for reporting capabilities.

Survey example

Your hotel, your questions

Utilize our best practices or build your own survey questions. We work with you to ensure you are capturing the right information that will be useful for department goal setting, issue tracking and for newsletter targeting when you invite your guests back again. Fully customizable surveys and timings allow feedback to be tailored for every type of property and, at a time that suits your guest.

Build automated responses

Survey response templates allow you to quickly move through your daily reports and respond to guests with unique personalization. Build templates for each staff member and for positive or negative surveys. You can even create a trigger so that your response is sent automatically to the guest if their survey score is below your threshold.

Survey reply emails

Multiple languages and PMS segmentation

Your guests don’t need to type in their name, date of stay or room number, all of that is taken from your hotel PMS to ensure a personalized experience for your guests. Send different surveys to guests depending on nationality, frequency of stays and room codes with our condition targeting.

Full reporting suite

To help you stay ahead of the curve, our real-time reporting suite allows you to review survey responses, TripAdvisor reviews, Net Promotor Scores and overall hotel performance – all in one Dashboard. Monitor your performance over time and see all your guest data for each response saved straight to their profile. Accessible and understandable data, right at your fingertips.

Net Promotor Score dashboard

Learn from your guests