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An incredible consolidated view of your guests

Guestfolio uses hotel reservation data to its greatest capacity. At each digital touch point throughout the travel journey, something more is learnt about a guest: from social profile information to subscriber list activity, Guestfolio allows hoteliers to store and use this information for tailored marketing efforts.
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  Immediately upon completion of guest reservation

We synchronize with your PMS

Guestfolio works directly with your hotel PMS and receives real-time reservation data for each new booking. We merge and create a central guest profile using the data collected during the reservation process.

Within 24 hours of a new guest reservation profile

We seek out public information

Through a partnership with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Klout we are able to capture additional information that is publicly available in your guest’s social media profiles. This information is updated weekly pre-arrival, ensuring you’re always up to date on their actual interests.

social information

Days and weeks leading up to the guest arrival

We monitor and track their engagement with you

Being an integrated hospitality solution, Guestfolio learns from guest behaviour pre-arrival, during their stay and post-stay to enhance the guest profile view. From guest interests to pre-arrival requests made, to spa treatments booked – all are added to the profile to allow you to anticipate and provide the best experience for your guests.

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Upon completion of their TripAdvisor review

We add their TripAdvisor reviews

Through our official partnership with TripAdvisor we can allow guests to post reviews without creating an account or signing into TripAdvisor. We add their review comments to their central profile.

Official Review Partner

 Within 2-3 days of their check-out date

We analyze their satisfaction sentiment

With our highly targeted guest satisfaction survey platform we capture their Net Promotor Score, report on their stay experience, reservation process, reason for travel and ratings on each service outlet you provide.

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Months after their most recent stay we help you bring them back

We track their interaction with your marketing campaigns

Which type of offers appeal to your guests? Are they more interested in spa offers compared with golf weekends? Understand your guest behaviour and act on it, all within their unique profile.

Marketing campaign revenue
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Know your guests