Use tools and guest data to learn more about your guests

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Guest Profiles

Know the guest behind each reservation

Guestfolio uses hotel reservation data to its greatest capacity. At each digital touch point throughout the travel journey, something more is learnt about a guest: from social profile information to subscriber list activity, Guestfolio allows hoteliers to store and use this information for tailored marketing efforts.

Guest Questionnaire

Prepare for their arrival and learn more about your guests

A fully customizable pre-arrival guest questionnaire is a great preparation tool for your guests’ arrival. Learn about why they’re travelling, what their room preferences are, what time they’d like breakfast or what their estimated time of arrival is. All data from each questionnaire, is stored in the guest profile, allowing you to build the most robust profile needed for all your in house preparation and marketing efforts.

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Mobile Concierge iPad

Pre-arrival Purchases

Upsell before arrival

Guestfolio builds a personal itinerary for your guests based on pre-ordered amenities, dining, spa treatments or excursions booked through the Mobile Concierge. All data is saved to the guests’ master profile and can be used during their stay or for future targeted marketing campaigns. Each mobile concierge is tailored specifically to a guests’ reservation, allowing hoteliers to tailor the information each guest sees.

OTA Guest Email Conversion

Own the conversation and drive repeat bookings

Your guest has had an unforgettable travel experience, they wrote a flawless review of the property, posted about it on social media, what next? Following their stay, Guestfolio allows you to deliver targeted and personal BringBack emails that encourage repeat direct bookings.

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Signup Forms

Turn your followers into subscribers

Guestfolio sign up forms can be embedded on your website, inserted into email campaigns or simply shared with your social media followers. All of which is then synced directly to your subscriber lists.

Subscriber Lists

Target the right subscribers at the right time

Customers and guests expect a personal, more tailored approach, both during their stay, after and prior to booking. By using Guestfolio Smart Subscriber Lists, hoteliers are able to send more bespoke, targeted email campaigns that reach the right subscriber at the right time.

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Know your guests