A single view of your Guest Profiles

Get to know the people behind the reservation. The Guestfolio Dashboard now offers more visibility on your guest profiles and history. Quickly access in-house and arriving guests so you’re ready for their arrival and use vital information from the guest profile to make informed marketing decisions.

bar chart report
Trends in your travel data

We’ve added a new snapshot of your travel data to your account. See trends in your data with our reporting and use it to action targeted marketing initiatives or updates to your guest engagement strategy.

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A faster search

The new search function will be your new best friend. Find any guest name, email address, survey report, marketing campaign, or any area in the Dashboard with one click. Go from the home page, to your latest email marketing campaign design in seconds.

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A beautiful UI

We’ve reorganized all the great features within Guestfolio and made them more accessible and user friendly. The new layout will enable all your important data to be right where you need it and provides better usability on all mobile devices.

Know more – Do more

Guestfolio is designed around how hoteliers manage their tasks and interactions with guests throughout the travel journey.

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Dashboard- full profile

Clearer, more visible guest profiles

Need to know who that guest was who said hello in the hallway? Find them visibly with Guestfolio.

Reservation, satisfaction and marketing data all together

Drill right down into the detail with our new reporting capabilities. Your data, your communications and your results all in one place that is available wherever you are on any device.

Email reports Dashboard
Search Bar

Navigate and create – quickly

The new search function provides access to all areas with one click. The new search bar will find any guest name, email reservation id within your database with one click. You can also use the search bar to quickly put something into action like ‘Create a newsletter campaign’.

All your important data in one place

Monitor the pulse of your guest engagement and gain more insight into your effectiveness

preview trends

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