My Sudden Journey Into Software Development

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Jeff McLean coding at Guestfolio by Jeff McLean

In October 2013, I was approaching my second year working for a medical company that only knew I was doing my (rather mindless) job properly by the lack of complaints. I made my own hours, rarely saw my manager, and ate at Wendy’s daily. It was a nice life…for a 19-year-old. The only problem was: I wasn’t 19 anymore – I was two months shy of hitting the Big 3-0! So needless to say, this life, although comfortable, was slowly luring me into an existence of mediocrity and complacency. I had passions, interests, hopes and dreams but my job didn’t allow for any of them. Read More

Guestfolio Partnering with TripAdvisor® to Enhance Hotel Guests Feedback Experience

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Guests staying at Guestfolio partnered hotels will now be able to post a review to TripAdvisor via the hotel’s feedback survey.

Guestfolio is a TripAdvisor Official Partner.WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – February 13, 2014 – Guestfolio has partnered with the world’s largest travel website* to help hoteliers enhance their online reputation. The service integrates a TripAdvisor review form seamlessly into the hotel’s online guest satisfaction survey. This means that the guest has the option to easily post a review to TripAdvisor without having to leave the hotel’s branded survey page.

With 260 million unique monthly users on TripAdvisor [comScore, July 2013], and over half of TripAdvisor users stating that they will not book a hotel that does not have reviews, the importance of reviews is very clear. Read More

Whistler Tech: Competition or no contest?

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Whistler students coding at HTML500


By Romila Barryman | Originally posted on VancityBuzz 

Between fixing bugs and losing weekends to testing code, there’s something about having the certainty of a mountain right beside you, bungee cords a few miles away and the disposal of wicked terrains to your RTV.  Whistler’s tech scene may have a bit more of a one-up on Vancouver than we know what to do with, at least in terms of getting that heart rate on adrenaline rushing levels.

“Generally you’ll find bigger companies gravitate towards the city,” Founder and Technical Director at Guestfolio, Mark Edmondson explained. “So when we’re hiring, we’re pitching for coding adventurers, and what we can promise is lifestyle.” Read More


Press release: Condé Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards 2013

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Guestfolio Partners with the Best Hotels & Resorts in the World:  Condé Nast Traveler

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – November 20, 2013 –
More than sixteen Guestfolio partners received the coveted seal of approval from one of the most respected travel brands in the world –Condé Nast Traveler. Over 80,000 of the most discriminating travel critics –guests– cast their votes in the annual Readers Choice Award’s Survey. Read More


Guestfolio Email Design Insights:

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Key Take-Aways from The Email Design Conference. Hotel Industry-Specific Email Design Tips.

by Chloe Cross

Last month, I attended The Email Design Conference —the first of its kind— hosted by Litmus in San Francisco. The Conference brought together speakers from various agencies and brands that have blazed trails for the industry. The Conference showcased presentations by the best in the business, discussing the latest trends and best practices.  Read More


Hotel Room Upgrades

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Client Spotlight: Alexander House Hotel
Room upgrade email program

Alexander House has 5 room types and room upgrades are an important part of their pre-arrival guest program. Using Guestfolio the hotel has created 4 unique pre-arrival messages that contain incentives to upgrade the existing room to one of their other room types. Guestfolio automatically detects which room the guest is in and serves up the proper upgrade email message.  Read More

New York’s Hottest Hospitality Group, Amsterdam Hospitality, Partners with Canadian Company Guestfolio to Enhance Guest Experience

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Amsterdam Hospitality hotels now operate using Guestfolio’s personalized Mobile Concierge as their Guest Management System

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – February 18, 2013 - New York City’s Amsterdam Hospitality, which operates numerous boutique and lifestyle properties, chose Guestfolio® to enhance visitor experience and improve pre and post-stay engagement.  Read More

Promote Guestfolio on your hotel website

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Providing Guestfolio Mobile Concierge to your guests is a great reward for booking a stay with you. Some of our clients have asked if they can let their guests have a sneak peak of Guestfolio before they actually make a reservation.

Here are a variety of ways to share the love of Guestfolio and how to add a sneak peak to your website.  Read More


The first ‘iPad Mini ready’ hotel concierge platform

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Is your hotel ready for the iPad Mini?

Recently we released our Mobile Concierge that features an intuitive timeline-based trip planner and an engaging platform to present targeted content to hotel guests pre-arrival, in-house and post-stay. Using Responsive design, this Mobile Concierge is automatically ready to display brilliantly on the new iPad Mini released October 23Read More

Introducing REVED™

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It’s time to get your hotel REVED

Guestfolio is announcing a new measure of newsletter effectiveness called REVenue per Email Delivered (REVED™) which shows the average revenue earned from every 1,000 newsletters delivered. “This new measure helps hoteliers understand how effective their communications are and gives them a baseline that is more relevant than just tracking opens and click-throughs.” says Hepditch. “If you’re not tracking how many people actually convert on your offers, you’re not seeing the full picture” he continues. The company is currently tracking this new measure and will publish the findings in the first quarter of 2013.

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