International legal requirements for email marketing

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Email laws are not the most glamorous aspect of email marketing, but an important one nonetheless. Understanding them and how they affect your marketing activity is an important aspect of being a marketer – in any organisation. In the hotel industry, you’re communicating with guests and potential guests all over the globe, so how do you prepare for that?

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Guestfolio featured in Inn Focus – What’s new?

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Inn Focus Fall 2016Featured in the Fall 2016 edition of Inn Focus Magazine, Guestfolio’s new email marketing platform now boasts multiple responsive, professionally designed email templates.

“Following the launch of Guestfolio’s new email marketing builder Studio last year, they are excited to now provide a suite of prebuilt email marketing templates that allow hoteliers to pick and choose their preference before sending campaigns. Every template works across all devices and allows hoteliers to build and send their campaigns in minutes using beautiful designs that follow their brand guidelines.” Read More

RESEARCH: Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to improve your TripAdvisor Rating

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Business Problem:

Businesses whose clientele utilise travel websites such as TripAdvisor to make purchasing decisions, such as hotels, are engaged in a battle for ratings supremacy. From the hotelier perspective, the benefits of a higher rating on TripAdvisor seem obvious, but there is some empirical work testing hypothesised benefits including increased market awareness, hotel occupancy, and Average Daily Rate (ADR). Making the assumption that a higher rating on TripAdvisor would be beneficial to a hotel, we started to think more about how Guestfolio could help hotels increase their ratings. Read More

What’s driving your guests to make their travel decisions?

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Recently Google published the Google Playbook for Travel – a detailed overview of the trends and learnings of consumer behaviour while booking and researching travel. Within this playbook, Google looks in detail at micro-moments – points in time when people turn to their device with an intent to answer an immediate need. These micro-moments are fast becoming the basis of how we research, plan and make decisions on different aspects of our lives. In our latest article, we’ve outlined some of the key takeaways from Google’s Playbook for Travel and pulled out some best practices for you as hoteliers to capitalise on these micro-moments in your hotel marketing strategy.

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Build even better emails with our new Studio templates

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We’re delighted to share the news that Studio, our very own email builder now offers you the ability to select from multiple designed templates when building your email campaigns. Each template built for Studio has been carefully tested across multiple platforms to ensure your emails look beautiful on any device and in any email provider. Our designs are different across each template but also give you the flexibility to match your branding, add your photos, colours and fonts to make sure every communication is consistent with your brand. Read More

Guestfolio at The Email Design Conference 2016

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Last week the London Guestfolio team headed to The Email Design Conference (TEDC16) for some geeky, email marketing and developer fun. The two days were jam-packed with talks, learning forums and plenty of discussions with fellow email geeks about email design, email best practices, top tips and some very exciting new features. We’ve done our best to condense the incredible amount of information with you, but for those more in-depth topics, stay tuned for follow-up blog posts and if you’re a keen ‘Twitter-er’ check out the #LitmusLive to see how it unfolded in real-time.

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Get to know your guests with guest profiles

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‘The OTAs know more about your guests than you do.’ It’s a harsh comment but one that rings true for many. By compiling data and learning guest behaviour over time, OTAs have a competitive advantage over hotels in this field. This type of powerful data aids in marketing, advertising and product progression plans. The OTAs have mastered its use but it’s time for hoteliers to join in on the party too.

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The power of email automation

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Automated transactional emails can be the cornerstone of a hotels’ communication strategy – they share details about the transaction, include all reservation information and hotel details to ensure the guest has everything they need. They can also be automated from a number of services such as the hotel PMS or CRM and provide the customer with what they need at the time of booking. Most people believe this is where automation ends and that any other communication will be made once they’ve checked in, but this is just where it begins.

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